Jul 09

A Feel Good Story

A Feel Good Story

On July 8th I was glad to be able to return this medal to its proper owner, Andrew Forbat. He is 92 years old and lives in nearby Black Mountain, NC.

This man has seen much from his formidable years as a Hungarian Jew in England to his internment in the Isle of Man and his later conversion to Christianity. He saw war firsthand and made a difference in numerous lives through his pursuit of a career in medicine.

This medal was issued in 1946 when he was in his early twenties and had achieved the highest grade among classmates in Summer Session of medical school in London.

It was fascinating to watch my new friend handle the medal and reminisce. He has an impressive degree of recall, telling me about Robert Liston (depicted on the obverse of the medal) who was a legendary Scottish pioneer of surgery. After that Mr. Forbat brilliantly translated the Latin on the reverse of the medal for me.

It turns out that a few of Andrew’s personal items were inadvertently discarded and the medal was unfortunately among these items. He mentioned to me that he also once owned a modest coin collection peppered with some foreign examples from his many travels.

The medal ended up coming into my possession in June of 2017. When I discovered the edge inscription, I knew I had to track down the man to whom it was originally issued.

I certainly enjoyed talking coins, history and all points in between with this gentleman. He has the mental sharpness of a man half his age. At times like this our hobby rises to something greater than Greysheet prices and CAC stickers.

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