Apr 23

The Art of the Courtesy Purchase

The Art of the Courtesy Purchase

Okay, you have been talking to a dealer on the bourse floor or in his own shop and every topic has been exhausted from bullion speculation to ‘the one that got away’ for that Capped Bust Half set you are putting together. The time comes to walk away with a closing salutation, something casual such as “See you next time.” Nothing has captured your interest enough to make a worthwhile purchase, yet something seems incomplete — like there is something missing. What could it be??

Well, it is certainly not mandatory nor even expected but you could engage in that time-honored tradition of the courtesy purchase. Is your latest Red Book a few years old? Does the dealer have a bargain box of miscellaneous foreign coins? Have you purchased a Silver Eagle yet this year?

Believe me when I say that your neighborhood dealer will appreciate the casual and easy transaction, typically paid in cash, and it just might pay dividends in the future towards building a quality relationship. After all, this is the guy who can look for coins you need to complete those hard to fill empty holes in your set.

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